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Six Sigma: Target perfection and learn how to achieve it

Six Sigma:
Target perfection and learn how to achieve it

No matter what kind of organization you're in, the Six Sigma experts from ATAC at Auburn University can help you make your processes nearly perfect -- 99.9997% defect-free! Start your Six Sigma journey here.

Six Sigma is a highly disciplined management strategy to use statistical tools and project work to achieve consistent excellence in quality, reduce costs and deliver products to customers on time. ATAC’s Six Sigma program has produced more than 80 Black Belts. Six Sigma uses a
problem solving methodology to:
• Define
• Measure
• Analyze
• Improve
• Control
It also is a way to make breakthrough
improvements in a process that
will show up on the bottom line.

 Video: ATAC Six Sigma Training Description
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Benefits of Six Sigma

Training Courses in Six Sigma
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  • Reduced Cycle Time
  • Better Control
  • Reduced Defects
  • Improved Quality
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

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