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Stop doing abnormal things!

We’ve discussed the prominence of Lean techniques in previous posts, reflecting on the various implementation philosophies. Some leaders opt for a tool-based approach, some for a systems approach, and others for the thinking organization approach. In each philosophy, we discussed the importance of standardized work.

During a recent tour of the Toyota facility at Georgetown, KY (see the attached article from the TWI Institute), the operations manager outlined their philosophy,… Continue

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Recently, I had the good fortune to have lunch with Senior Creative Executive and branding-guru, Randy Pender, who leads Blueprint3D Brand Integration Consulting. Prior to launching his own consultancy Randy was with Macy’s for 20 years, and part of the creative leadership that created the brand retail experience to govern all Macy’s stores.…


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Drivers of Innovation Success-Part 1 (Idea Generation)

In two of my earlier blogs, we looked at the Innovation Imperative in Manufacturing and the State of Innovation in Alabama. This week we'll look at the first of several innovation drivers and continue this theme for the next few weeks.

According to the report "The Innovation Imperative in Manufacturing, How the United… Continue

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Lean helps firm increase its production efficiency and profits


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Research Brief: Restructuring based on Decision-Making

I've always had an interest in corporate structure, so a recent article in the Harvard Business Review caught my attention. In order to maximize performance, many companies undertake restructuring. The idea is to reorganize the structure of the business along strategic lines so that the companies overall strategy can be accomplished. As the article states, nearly 50% of all CEOs launch a company reorganization within the…


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Lean Accomplishes Short Term and Long Term Gains

You don’t have to pick between short term and long term gains…Lean does both. I was reminded of this when I recently attended a financial course discussing income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows. Senior leadership in the healthcare industry, just like any other industry, is looking for bottom line results to evaluate whether or not targets are being met. In today’s environment, healthcare organizations are under extreme financial…


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“I Am Going To Disney World”


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Respect for People

Respect For People is translated in:

  1. Respect - we respect others, make every effort to understand each other, take responsibility and do our best to build mutual trust
  2. Teamwork - we stimulate personal and professional growth, share the opportunities of development and maximize individual and team…

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Lean Sigma Use and Is 3 Sigma Enough?

Lean and Sigma are both process focused methodologies for improvement. How should I use them to improve my product or service?

First, let’s discuss both methodologies.…


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Bill Smith’s Process Yield Theory

Several years ago, Roger Boisjoly visited Auburn’s College of Business as an Executive in Residence. If you recall, Mr. Boisjoly was a mechanical…


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Can Innovation Alone Rebuild the U.S. Economy?

Trends to consider in U.S. research and development:



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Earning Management Commitment

Research indicates the number one reason for implementation failures is lack of management commitment (Emiliani & Stec, 2005). The good news is that even when starting without firm support, trust builds as leaders see results. A new article by Tiwari and Nandiwada (2010) reports that even successful implementations began with low levels of leadership commitment.

The traditional method for change initiatives starts with leadership commitment, relentless execution, and results… Continue

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How the Grinch Stole Summer...a Gulf Shores Adaptation!

The data point is in; July 2010 Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, AL hotel occupancy rate was 68.3%. That rate is 17.4% lower than the past 3-year average for July of 85.7%. Although up some from June 2010, it looks like the BP oil spill stole the summer from the south Alabama Gulf Coast.…


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Auburn University to Host Bank Directors' College

Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus, Ranking Member on the House C
ommittee on Financial Services, is an invited speaker to address Auburn University's first annual Bank Directors' College. The College will be held on Thursday, September 30th and Friday, October 1st in Auburn University's College of Business.

The co
nference agenda will provide new,… Continue

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Complex Designs Bring Complex Problems

About 5 years ago, my wife and I renovated our house. Another person might describe the renovation as an enhancement, face-lift, or modernization. The first thing we did was to hire a designer to take what we had and add our ideas. One of our additions was to add a master bedroom with a large attic space above it. As in all house plans the first floor is shown on one page and the upstairs is on another page. We reviewed the…


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AU Libraries 'going Lean' to improve program efficiency

The author/cartoonist Ashleigh Brilliant wrote, “The closest we will ever come to an orderly universe is a good library.”…


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Opinion: Building Sustainable Organizations: The human factor

Over the last few years, a significant amount of emphasis has been placed on corporate social responsibility (the "go green" movement). Major corporations produce multi-million dollar advertising touting their efforts to build more eco-friendly plants and products, with the emphasis on long-term sustainability. For example, Walmart announced a new innovative milk jug that increases the milk's shelf life and reduces the…


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To Be Or Not To Be (At Work or Trained That Is)

When leadership teams take their Gemba (Workplace) walks, it is important that they have visual cues to review quickly to determine if there is a problem. These visual cues need to be tied to the Annual Plan and Vision of the organization. If absenteeism and training are part of your Annual Plan, below is a very easy “see the…


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Lean in healthcare, service, real estate and agriculture industries? Really?!

Absolutely! It’s amazing to me how creating a Lean enterprise works regardless of the business type. If there is a customer paying for something of value, Lean will work. I have been doing Lean for over 15 years and have seen it successfully help companies in these industries reduced cost, increase quality and improve customer satisfaction.

Be aware that in…


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Is Manufacturing Still Important to the U. S. Economy?

Trade data paints a troubling picture – the U.S. is simply no longer an exporting nation. As of October 2009, the U.S. trade deficit for all goods and services was $32.9 billion. In 2000, the U.S. exported $29 billion more high-tech products than we imported and by 2007 this had turned into a $54 billion trade deficit.…


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