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October 2009 Blog Posts (12)

Continuing the Improvement for EAMC

The second rapid improvement event for the East Alabama Medical Center’s emergency department began yesterday. The EAMC is working with the Auburn Technical Assistance Center to decrease the length of stay for patients.

For this event, teams are formed to create ways to improve the different problems within the department.

Teams include nurse communication hand off of care, bed availability, registration and unit clerk, off-shift coverage and software and training. Each of… Continue

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Improvement Order

Companies set top-level goals for profitability and growth. Typical corporate goals may be $X million in sales with $Y million operating margin.

The challenge is to turn the top-level goals into actionable items that drive profitability and growth. Tactical level employees need to know, ”what am I supposed to do today?”

Strategies connect top-level goals to tactical actions to drive performance. Companies often use Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Morale, and Growth as… Continue

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ATAC and Auburn Professors Improve Alabama’s Economy

While the economy has suffered a recession, Auburn affiliates along with community leaders in Baldwin County are working hard to improve the economy of Alabama.

Auburn University professors, Dr. Chetan S. Sankar and Dr. P.K. Raju, along with a Barry Cumbie, a former student of Auburn, have created a project called Geospatial Mapping the Coastal Communities in Alabama.

The project funded by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) with strong support from the Auburn… Continue

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What Works and What Does not Work in Healthcare

I judge success and failure by the results I get using the tools in my tool box. The following results were achieved using Lean and Six Sigma in Healthcare:

1. Thedacare (CEO Toussaint) has not had a medication error in over 2 years.

2. The Pittsburg Regional Health Initiative has significantly reduced hospital

acquired infections.

3. Lean has typically reduced hospital processes by 50%.

4. Lean allows you to utilize your staff more effectively after reduction of… Continue

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Planting Business to Create Jobs

Through the services offered by ATAC, they also take on many projects. One of these projects is DESIGNSEED: Enterprise Creation Lab, co-created by industrial designer Mark Smith and Tsai Lu Liu, assistant professor of Auburn University’s department of industrial design.

DESIGNSEED is a process of creating jobs in lower income communities, specifically in the Black Belt region of Alabama, named for the color of its soil. It is designed to use the natural resources found in these areas… Continue

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Can't Get No Satisfaction

ATAC staffers recently facilitated a quick changeover rapid improvement event or kaizen. The General Manager set the target for the changeover to be less than two minutes. By the end of the week, the changeovers were down to 9 ½ minutes. Do you think the GM was satisfied?

The first task of the… Continue

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Quality registration puts Brantley firm in international aerospace arena

In a region that is economically stressed, being a contender in the international aerospace arena might be considered a pipe dream to some, but to Helispec Inc. of Brantley, Ala., it is a reality.

With assistance from the Auburn Technical Assistance Center (ATAC), the Alabama Technology Network Center at Auburn University, Helispec has attained AS 9100-2000 registration and is now qualified to compete for and attain a variety of industrial and governmental aerospace business… Continue

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Josh Malone on Lean Certificate Series

ATAC presented the Lean Certificate Series to train companies how to eliminate waste in their manufacturing plants. The series lasted from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. It concluded on Friday at noon.

Josh Malone the Senior Quality Engineer for Webster Industries, Inc. in Montgomery, Ala. attended the Lean Certificate Series. He plans on implementing his new knowledge about waste reduction in his office.

One of Malone’s favorite parts of the training was… Continue

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An Overview of the Lean Enterprise Certificate Series

Beginning on October 5, ATAC held a week long training process for representatives of five different companies. These representatives participated in the Lean Enterprise Certificate Series.

The companies represented at the training were Webster Industries, General Dynamics, MacLean Power Systems, Fras-Le, and MasterBrand Cabinets. All of these companies are manufacturers of certain products, ranging from plastic bags to power equipment.

The participants became students of… Continue

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ATAC Helps MasterBrand Cabinet Employees

Auburn Technical Assistance Center continues its outstanding reputation as one of the best training organizations in Alabama. Chris Blackwell, an Auburn graduate, is now a process engineer for MasterBrand Cabinets and recently participated in ATAC’s Lean training program for the first time.

“My manager suggested that we participate in the training because of ATAC’s well-known reputation. He’s aware of a lot of companies that have used their training and they have improved their… Continue

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Why Innovation Doesn't Happen and What to Do About it....

Here is an "Innovation Physic". The larger the company, the more difficult it is to innovate. Why? As you can imagine, larger companies have a stricter approach to innovation, more bureacracy, and a lack of an innovation culture. The current debate over nationalized health care has many critics worried about the level of care and innovation that will result from a "single payer" system.

Jeffrey Bussgang, a partrner at venture firm Flybridge Capital Partners, states in a BusinessWeek… Continue

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What is Training within Industry, Toyota Job Instruction or 4 Step Instruction Method

Toyota calls their teaching methodology – Toyota Job Instruction – Mercedes-Benz calls it their 4-Step Training method – Both of these were developed directly from the Training Within Industry (TWI) Program. TWI supported the U.S. war production effort during WW II and, despite great success, it was largely abandoned, yet, it provides a basis of Toyota’s core continuous improvement training. TWI had a direct impact on the development and use of kaizen and Standard Work at Toyota. These… Continue

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