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November 2009 Blog Posts (6)

Annual Planning

Annual planning cycles should be well underway in your organizations. How do you create your annual plans?

Many companies begin with sales projections, tossing them over the fence to operations for action plans that tie to profitability projections. Is this the way your organization works?

I'm concerned that this approach leaves out the important step of leadership vision. If we don't know both Where and Why we want to go in a certain strategic direction, then how can we… Continue

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2009 Alabama Workforce Conference and TWI

On October 29th David Devore presented TWI as a special session for the 2009 Alabama Workforce Development Conference in Montgomery, AL. David is one of ATAC's Management Scientists and his topic was:

TWI: Training Within Industry to get “Back to the Basics” in Training"

Training Within Industry (TWI) was a WWII initiative with the objective to help contractors attain better war production TWI is simply applying the Plan, Do Check & Act Scientific Method… Continue

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Q&A: Should healthy behaviors mean lower health insurance premiums?

A recent article in HR Magazine, titled "Are Wellness Incentives Fair?" by Rita Zeidner, discusses the current amendment proposal by Senators John Ensign (R-Nev.) and Tom Carper (D-Del.) which would allow employers to vary health insurance premiums for workers based on healthy behaviors. The general idea is that people that engage in healthy behaviors, such as smoking cessation, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, should be rewarded by having a reduction in premiums as compared to those that do… Continue

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Are You One of the Best Manufacturers in Alabama?

If your manufacturing business excels in the areas of operations, financial performance, and market leadership, then you will want to strongly consider applying for the 2010 Alabama Manufacturer of the Year Award. In its 11th year, the award provides exceptional media coverage and publicity for winning manufacturers. Awards are presented in three categories. The small category recognizes manufacturers will less than 99 employees, the medium with 100 to 399 employees, and the large award with… Continue

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Research Brief: Quit Rates, Inducements, Expectations, and Performers

In the past I have provided a couple of workshops on turnover and ways to improve retention, especially among top performers. A recent article* in the Academy of Management Journal is particularly pertinent to this topic, so I thought I would take a few moments to summarize the article and suggest some implications from the research study.

The focus of the article was on two specific types of Human Resource Management (HRM) practices and their effects on quit rates for both good and… Continue

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Toyota Business Practice - 8 Step Problem Solving little insight

The 8 steps of the Toyota Business Process are:

1. Clarify the problem

2. Breakdown the problem

3. Set a target

4. Analyze the root cause

5. Develop countermeasures

6. See countermeasures through

7. Evaluate both results and process

8. Standardize successful processes

Little more detail on the Steps:

1.  Clarify the problem includes alignment to the Ultimate Goal or Purpose and to identify the Ideal situtation, current situation and the…


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