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December 2011 Blog Posts (6)

Mapping Talent on the 9-Box Grid

So you have almost wrapped up your performance appraisals for the year, and are getting ready of the holidays. Congratulations! But what about next year? As you move into the new year, do you have the right people in the right places to meet your organizational goals? Is there any way to organize your employees based on their performance that will help you see who can contribute the most and who needs to go? 

Kathryn Tyler, in the August 2011 HR Magazine, discusses an…


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Innovation Doesn't Have to Be High-Tech

Recently a colleague of mind, Walker Jackson, sent me an email with the headline "Why Didn't I Think of That?"  After opening and looking through the message which consisted mostly of pictures, I asked myself that same exact question.  Then I was reminded of a recent meeting I had with several economic developers (connectors) where I explained the need for the Innovation Engineering Management and JumpStart System to define,…


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Innovation and Creativity

Recently I had the privilege of participating in the 6th Annual Construction Product Development Exhibition at Auburn University.  Wow!  I was impressed with the students and the innovative and creative energies that were showcased.



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Do you want your brightest best performers (Bright Stars) to leave your organization?

Has the poor economy in the US relieved CEO’s, VP’s and other managers from working to keep the “Bright Stars” in their organization?  What is a “Bright Star” (BS)?  A  BS is an employee that is making significant contributions to your organization to aid you in achieving the goals you have set for the organization.  In addition, he is an employee that will commit to taking on additional projects (over and above his present job) to assist in defining other opportunities of potential…


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Identifying High-Potential Employees

The August 2011 HR Magazine featured an article titled, "The Care and Feeding of High-Potential Employees." In this article, the author, Robert Grossman, identifies 14 ways to retain these employees. I found all of the points he makes to be pretty solid recommendations (at least in terms of the research supporting them) and worth reading. What Grossman doesn't do in his article is give much guidance on how to select which employees are high-potential. And that is what I would like to focus…


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