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December 2012 Blog Posts (6)

Collaboration is Critical

As our business environments become more and more complex, the ability to collaborate becomes critical for a leader. Collaboration is much more than partnership. It will take the leader of the future to collaborate with internal teams/employees, external suppliers/customers, and investors. For this reason, Kouzes and Posner (2007) list Commitment #7 Foster Collaboration as a critical piece of meeting the leadership challenges. “You simply can’t get extraordinary things done by yourself.…


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Quality Professionals – Improve your Earning Potential

The earnings for 2012 Quality Professionals were essentially flat for 2012 (QP Magazine-2012 QP Salary Survey).  If you have ever had a question about your Quality salary, it is covered in this publication for December 2012.  Quality Professional naturally starts to question why their earning ability is basic stagnant.  We could blame it on the economy.  Or is it partly the fault of the professional.  You might ask:


  1.   Do I need more training?
  2.   Do I need to get…

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The Trust Factor

In Marshall Goldsmith’s (2003) research into global leaders of successful multinational companies, one of the important skills he identified was the ability to creat trust with employees. “The leader should treat coworkers as partners, not competitors, by sharing knowledge openly and honestly, and establishing an enduring relationship of trust” (p.68). I believe the ability to build trust in a relationship is one of the most beneficial…


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Lean Implementation– People, Planning & Problem Solving

When beginning the Lean journey, several factors for selection and training must be taken into consideration or the results of the journey risk compromise.

1. Planning -- Training isn’t a budget line-item. It’s a pathway to success!

Training is discussed, it’s budgeted for, but often it’s never implemented. When business is good and operations are busy, management struggles to commit time for training. When business is poor and operations are slow, management…


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Shopping for Opportunities

One could easily argue that the foundation of Deming’s work in TQM was developing leaders on the front line who would search for opportunities to improve the process and product. In Commitment #5, I argue a similar process for leaders. The goal is not only to have front line leaders, but to have an organizational culture that shops for opportunities. To accomplish this goal, you must develop a servant leadership culture in your organization that will empower others to search for…


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Commitment #4 "Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations."

As we look at the next commitment in developing a servant leader culture in your organization, the focus moves to your followers. How does your vision motivate your employees? Is this a shared vision where everyone feels they are on the ‘same team’? A few months ago, I wrote on disruptive leadership and the misuse of power by using manipulation instead of motivation. The opposite of this type of disruptive action is for leaders to hold power as a servant leader.

“Servant leadership is…


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