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Checklist for your Lean Healthcare Journey

Some key points from Loyola Medicine's Lean Journey


□      focused the transformation on a change in thinking and a change in behaviors

□      they were opportunistic in starting the change, following workforce reduction and financial pressures

□      HR systems on the roadmap included comp/benefits, engagement survey, management standards, policies, selection, and recognition

□      focused a lot on Recruitment Process, which included an assessment. How…


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Toyota Kata

Toyota Kata Summary.pdf


Put together a few notes related to  Toyota Kata -- Hank

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Toyota Contradictions

Extreme Toyota identified six contradictory forces Toyota on the move. It relentlessly pits these forces against each other to realize continuous innovation and constant renewal:

1. Moving gradually but also taking big leaps.

2. Cultivating frugality while spending huge sums.

3. Operating efficiently as well as redundantly.

4. Cultivating stability and a paranoid mindset.

5. Respecting bureaucratic hierarchy and allowing freedom to dissent.

6. Maintaining…


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Training Within Industry (TWI) and Healthcare

The TWI Institute presented a white paper on the relevancy of Training Within Industry in the healthcare field - Here is the summary and the article is attached. We at the Auburn Technical Assistance Center have been certified as by the TWI Institute as TWI instructors in Job Instruction, Job Methods and Job Relations

Executive Summary - There is a renaissance occurring in a tried and true method for training supervisors to relate to and instruct employees. Training Within Industry…


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Are Your Lean Initiatives Working? Purge the bad habits

IW discussed 5 bad habits of a Lean Initiative:


Bad Habit #1: Not Focusing Lean Efforts

Bad Habit # 2: Not Looking Beyond the Shop Floor

Bad Habit #3: Not Using Lean Insights to Avoid Capital Outlays

Bad Habit #4: Focusing Just on WIP Inventory

Bad Habit #5: Forgetting the Basics


To read the complete article…


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AME's Workshop - 12 steps to Manufacturng Excellence

Tuesday I attended Larry Fast’s, Pathways to Manufacturing Excellence, Lean workshop titled “How to Achieve and Sustain Manufacturing Excellence”

He started addressing reasons continuous improvement initiatives fail -

•Flavor of the month •Event focus – Short term & unsustainable

•Lack of a Production System Perspective

•Lack of top management support – They don’t understand

•Leadership turnover

•Don’t see quick results/ financial – Programs Don’t…


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Kaizen - A Few Learning Points from the Team

Just finished an excellent 3-day kaizen event this week – The team followed the typical process – 1. Plan - Grasp the current Condition and set the Target 2. Do – Make the improvements, 3. Check - against the Target 4. Act – Standardize the process


The learning points were:

In grasping the current condition, we utilized the Training Within Industry Job Methods form to meticulously check each step.  Using the Why is it necessary and Whats is its purpose, the team found…


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Tool & Waste Matrix

Received this from Mercedes Benz as part of their Lean & Continuous Improvement Training.  Thought is was an interesting way to correlate the Lean tools and manufacturing wastes - Hank…


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Disciplined People – Disciplined Thought – Disciplined Action

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.  ~Vince Lombardi

Jim Collins, Good To Great states: “Sustained great results depend upon building a culture full of self-disciplined people who take disciplined action, fanatically consistent with... the Hedgehog Concept.  (This hedgehog concept reminds me of Deming’s “constancy of purpose” principle. The great companies discriminate…


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Practical Problem Solving Form

Download:  Practical%20Problem%20Solving%20Form.xls 

Just thought I would share the form we use for Practical Problem Solving Lean Training -- Hank



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Socratic conversation: Understand the concept gemba walks

Saw this conservation - Not sure of its source but thought it was a great example of coaching-- Hank

What is the purpose for gemba walks?

To sustain improvements and verify systems are working.

Why does your manager need to do a Gemba walk with you?

So that I can show her (manager) how things work and she can evaluate my thought process.

Changing… Continue

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Can Your Production System Answer These Questions?

According to Steven Spear, author of the High Velocity Edge & Decoding the DNA of Toyota, the key to Toyota is that every activity must be specified; when evaluating a production system, there are four levels to observe and specific activites in each level.

1.  System Output – Successful day


  • How Much
  • Of What
  • Delivered to whom
  • At what time


2.  Pathway/Flow Design - Flow of material, information and…


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Lean Production System – Develop People, Develop Problem Solvers

A lean production system is about developing a problem solving culture. Culture implies that we must achieve this through people. As we utilize the PDCA cycle to develop our team of problem solvers, we start with grasping the current condition or CA – check and adjust.

As an example, I will use one of the companies our ATAC Team worked with over the past couple of years. We first spent our efforts focused with the Senior Management Team on:

1. understanding what the tools of a lean… Continue

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8 Wastes applied to Lean Leadership

How the 8 Wastes – DOWNTIME – may apply to Lean Leadership – a few thoughts…

DefectsQuality and Rework - Is the leader making “good” decisions following the PDCA process – If the current situation is not understood, assumptions may be made, incorrect cause may be addressed, thus leading to “rework” Are standards in place to know what should be happening?

Overproduction –… Continue

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Lean Production System Mentor Skills

Lean Production System Mentor Skills

1. Communication: A lean leader must be able to clearly convey his thoughts and instructions in a way that people understand WHY these actions are needed. As one looks at the tools of lean, this is seen in the Annual Planning with PDCA review, Training Within Industry’s Job Instruction and Quality Feedback Loops. Also the Production System foundation of Standardization easily communicates what should be happening

2. Commitment:… Continue

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Learning How To Learn

Riding a bike – Once you learn to ride a bike you never forget - Working in a system is like riding a bike – We pedal faster if needed or slower, turning and braking we just have to manage the system – Now If we had to build a bike how many of us could accomplish this task?? How about building a production system?? Often the questions asked are: Why are there so few examples of great companies? Why do so…


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Clicking Helps Build Teamwork

If Lean is all about people, how can we better connect or “CLICK” with our team members and foster deeper relationships? From CLICK – one study looked at a team of MBAs students that clicked and found that they were much more…


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PDCA - Plan Do Check Adjust Basics

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Lean Leadership - 5 Practices

I ran across The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, These five practices resulted from an intensive research project to determine the leadership competencies that are essential to getting extraordinary things done in organizations. Thought they were completely aligned with the leadership principles taught in the Alabama Operations Management Institutes –…


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Why C Level Execs are Absent from Lean Transformations

Steven Spear – “Decoding the DNA of Toyota, et. al.” – started a discussion on Why C level executives are often absent from lean initiatives/lean transformations. The following is some of his thoughts which I thought are right on…


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