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Don't De-Motivate Your Team Members

I was listening to the book Drive by Daniel Pink – Great read on intrinsic motivation – At the end of the book he referenced a reading list and one of the books Pink mentioned was Good to Great by Jim Collins – A book and author that we agree with and frequently reference – Good To Great has the premise that you get the right people on the bus, wrong people off…


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Situational Leadership – 4 Leadership Styles

When it comes to supervising others across the spectrum of developmental stages, two key factors are identified in terms of supervisory behaviors: Directive and Supportive. These two key factors are combined into four leadership/supervisory styles. These are described as:

S1 (high directive/low supportive): You define the roles of those members and volunteers you supervise. You tell them what tasks to do and how, when, and where to do them. Problem-solving and decision-making are initiated… Continue

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Lean Leadership

Lean does come with its toolkits to solve problems, but to benefit from the full potential that “Lean” can bring to an organization, and sustain these gains, it is the combination of “Lean leadership” and “Lean employee

engagement” that will truly unlock the potential of your organization.

5 point to reflect on lean leadership:

  1. A clear long term goal shared by the people (knowing the…

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Respect for People

Respect For People is translated in:

  1. Respect - we respect others, make every effort to understand each other, take responsibility and do our best to build mutual trust
  2. Teamwork - we stimulate personal and professional growth, share the opportunities of development and maximize individual and team…

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Demings 14 Key Principles for Management

As we are going forward in instituting Lean Leadership principles within our companies, wanted to remind everone of Demings fourteen key principles for management for transforming business effectiveness. The points…


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How Organizations Sustain Continuous Improvement?

Glenn Marshall - Benchmarking and Sustainabilaity Champion for Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding - has sent out an excerpt on how to sustain change. This benchmarking report is taken directly from a new book by Robert…


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Team Play – Is there a Lean Leadership lesson to learn from Soccer?

By Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports – Wrote an article - “Why soccer’s biggest stars failed to shine” - on how Soccer Superstars failed to lift their play – and their teams play – at the World Cup. The conventional wisdom on why: They were too selfish, unable to adapt to the team concept of a national squad. However, Argentina’s Diego Maradona’s take: Unlike the past, the stars weren’t selfish enough. He suggested that this line of thinking – more collective focus, team players - has become so… Continue

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Dynamics of Leadership-Team Behavior

How managers interact says a lot about the state of your company - Right now, how does your organization compare with the following statements - Are you on the way UP or DOWN?? - As you implement a Lean Production System in your facility your team should move towards the behaviors "Up" behaviors and away from the "Down"

Data: Jim Collins, Business… Continue

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What Pixar Learned from Toyota

Great Article in the Economist on Pixar Animation Studios - Unlike other animation companies, Pixar puts hiring the right people first rather than hiring people once a project is selected (Sounds like a Good to Great Principle- First Who, Then What). Secondly, Pixar devotes a lot of effort to getting people to work together, incorporating constant feedback so problems can be surfaced and resolved quickly. They have transparency incorporated by showing unfinished work in their daily meetings.… Continue

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Introduction to Performance Management

This is a presentation we did on Performance Management -It follows the ABC - Antecedents, Behavior and Consequences - Model and 4 consequences R+, R-, P+ and P-

PM ATAC Format.ppt

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The Importance of Connecting with Colleagues

Saw this article in Business Week - - It talks about how people "Click" or connect with other in the work place and how "Good Clickers" advance quicker than others - also how location/proximity plays an important role in creating relationships When clicking is done sincerely, it does create a great work environment

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John Woodens Pyramid of Success

John Wooden - UCLA’s legendary basketball coach - passed away last week - Great Coach - Great Leader - Here are his 12 Lessons in

Leadership presented in the Pyramid of Success – Note the remarkable

similarities to Implementing a Lean Production…


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Money as a De-motivator: Alternative Considerations for Employee Rewards and Incentives

I found this interesting w/ regards to Lean…


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Don’t Swap JI Breakdown Sheets and SOPs

Don’t Swap JI Breakdown Sheets and SOPs

These documents have different purposes and shouldn’t be substituted for one another.



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Letter of Recommendation

Problem: Having to write letters of recommendation for people with very dubious qualifications can cause serious legal troubles in a time when laws have eroded the confidentiality of business letters. In most states, job applicants have the right to read the letters of recommendation and can even file suit against the writer if the contents are negative.

Solution: Here is an arsenal of statements that can be read two ways: You are able to state a negative opinion of the ex-employees… Continue

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Alabama Operations Management Institute - Article in Birmingham News


Participants in the Alabama Operations Management Institute work at the Inteva Products plant in Cottondale to learn about the company's processes as it addresses problems for the plant. (The…


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A Carmaker As A Model For A Hospital? Seattle's Virginia Mason Hospital Studies Toyota For Efficiency Ideas

Check out this CBS report on Virginia Mason By John Blackstone

CBS) While health care costs have been going up most everywhere else, at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle they're coming down by driving out waste, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

"This is one of the reasons health care has become…


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Four Steps to Move Beyond Fire Fighting

From Fighting Fires to Solving Problems: Why Superman is So Last Century…


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The Gemba Walk

Following is an excerpt from Norman Bodek’s new book Kaikaku The Power and Magic of Lean, published by PCS Press. Kaikaku is a Japanese term that means a “transformation of the mind” or “working with others to achieve radical change.”

The Gemba Walk

By Norman Bodek

During a trip to Japan, Dr. Ryuji Fukuda took me to a Meidensha Electric plant outside of Tokyo, and introduced me to the plant manager. At 11:00AM, the plant manager got up from behind his desk. He asked me to join… Continue

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