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Toyota Kata: Mobilizing Our Ingenuity

How does a lean organization ensure that it provides value? By continuously improving. How does a lean organization do that? By having its members practice every day how to continuously improve - an improvement kata - so that it becomes habit and culture.

Toyota's well-known shop-floor practices operate within a management system and without this less visible context the lean tools don't function as intended. True lean recognizes that processes require constant improvement; that we can't know enough to perfect them. Training people via daily practice, so they can successfully make improvements, in a large portion of what Toyota's management system is about.  Toyota Kata is about the psychology of patterns of thinking and acting, particularly in management, which lie behind Toyota's use of the lean tools and its ability to continuously improve.

The July 19th Toyota Kata seminar provides: important new insights from behavioral science that affect management practice; behaviors you can use to create a new mindset better suited to meeting challenges; new ideas that will influence how you view your job as a manager and leader. You'll walk away understanding.

  1. Why challenges require new thinking and acting.
  2. Limits of lean solutions of the past
  3. How do you change an organization's culture?
  4. What is the role of a kata?
  5. Where do innovation, creativity, and adaptiveness really come from?

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