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ATAC NEWS: ATAC's David Mixson to talk 'innovation' to Mobile manufacturers


David Mixson of the Auburn Technical Assistance Center (ATAC) is the guest speaker for the Business Retention and Expansion Committee meeting Aug. 14 in Mobile.

Mixson, one of the trained "Innovation Engineering" facilitators with the Alabama Technology Network (ATN), of which ATAC is a member center, will address the need for manufacturers to “continuously innovate in their products and service offerings, or risk becoming competitors to be mediocre.” The program is set for 4 p.m., Aug. 14, in room 2117 Shelby Hall at the University of South Alabama campus in Mobile.

Innovation Engineering (IE) is a program that teaches organizations how to reduce the risk and increase the speed of evaluating and introducing new product or service ideas. Innovation is risky and costly, and most new product ideas fail. The IE system is based on the principle "fail fast, fail cheap." Using the IE process, an organizational team takes multiple ideas through the steps of development and evaluation. Numerous ideas are generated and evaluated against some 26,000 world-class company successes. Those world-class successes comprise the basis of a scientific formula that when applied, provides highly reliable data that can be used to evaluate the likelihood of success for the new product before the company invests significant resources into production and commercialization.

Innovation Engineering is the brain child of Doug Hall, founder of the Eureka Ranch. The process, which follows the scientific method of "Plan, Do, Check, Adjust," has been successfully applied to hundreds of top American companies for more than 20 years with a better than 88 percent success rate.

To learn more about the IE program, visit this link on our web site:

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