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Adapt to Economic and Technological Changes

Manufacturing has the potential to be part of the nation’s economic recovery and future.   In order to adapt to economic and technological changes, our manufacturing industry must make the decision to pursue constant innovation.   Two important criteria must be initiated:

1)       Streamline innovation and growth services targeted to manufacturing

All to often, U.S.  manufacturers,  and businesses in general, operate in silos that stymie collaboration.  Why is it that manufacturers can’t connect with product developers?   In this electronic age, it’s very easy to utilize existing tools such as the website for ”Building USA Innovation Supply Chains” ( or  You will find a proven system to INCREASE the speed innovation and simultaneously, DECREASE risk associated the new product development;

2)      Target R & D investments to where measures and outcomes indicate success

Many reports and studies have called for a renewed interest in investing in research.  Most small manufacturers and businesses don’t have Research and Development Departments to keep the new product  / new service pipeline full.  Some national laboratories (such as: Department of Energy, Department of Defense and the National Institute of Health) have potential ideas available to pursue.  Universities are a good source for new patents trying to get to the marketplace.   Another federal source for ideas is your state’s MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) affiliate.

 In our state, Alabama, the MEP affiliate is ATN – Alabama Technology Network.    Our Auburn Technical Assistance Center’s affiliation with ATN allows us to utilize the proven method of increasing profitability through Eureka! Ranch by assisting a business in creating a pipeline of new products or services, streamlining operational processes or creating a meaningful and unique marketing message.

For additional information, please contact Walker Jackson at  or 1 800 446-0386


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