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Checklist for your Lean Healthcare Journey

Some key points from Loyola Medicine's Lean Journey


□      focused the transformation on a change in thinking and a change in behaviors

□      they were opportunistic in starting the change, following workforce reduction and financial pressures

□      HR systems on the roadmap included comp/benefits, engagement survey, management standards, policies, selection, and recognition

□      focused a lot on Recruitment Process, which included an assessment. How can take some of what we are looking for in lean and embed them into the assessment process, such as “Employees are always trying to find ways to complete their tasks more quickly. What would you do when you found out someone was skipping steps in the process to accomplish this?”

□      developed a 4-year Transformation Map with 4 categories: Planning, Targeted Areas, People Development, and Supporting Infrastructure

□      created a Operational Excellence Department, combined outside experience with 2-year rotational assignments from people within the organization

□      did value stream maps for all our major service lines

□      5 day Kaizens were a big part of application, but we also used them for training. People can sign up to participate in events, particularly in other departments, through a website tool. An expectation for all HR managers was to participate in a kaizen event.

□      focused on 4 tools: managing for daily improvement, 5S, Standard Work, and problem solving (5 why and PDCA)

□      Managing for Daily Improvement was structured daily rounding with a purpose, and huddles with employees

□      key performance indicator boards started with just metrics and didn’t worry about goals just to get them used to using the boards

□      started a basic business planning process that would then connect to the KPI boards

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