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I had the opportunity to sit in on my  first boot camp with ATAC. Not sure exactly what to expect I was a little nervous but anxious too! Being at the Lean Boot Camp was definitely a learning experience for me. I was interested in finding out exactly what was taught as well as how it was instructed. Since I have zero manufacturing knowledge, I was able to sit back and soak up the environment. During the 3 classes that I attended I was able to observe the "students" work and interact with one another.  On the first day the group did a simulation with LED boards. It was interesting to see the different personalities work together.  While some of the "students" took charge, others sat back and quietly observed.  Each one bringing to the table their own experiences and knowledge all while working together. I feel this is where they seemed to learn the most. A majority of the group said that the hands on learning was most effective and would of liked more of it. They all really enjoyed the tour of the Briggs and Stratton factory floor. I felt the tour to be where people were most comfortable. Some listened to every detail of what goes on daily at the factory while others went off and observed more. I enjoyed being able to take this tour myself since I have never been in a factory, in any sense, it was a good learning experience for me. It was not only interesting to see how engines were made from start to finish but amazing the amount of work it took as well.

Although I was quite sad I could not make the Auburn Challenge Course day i learned the group had the chance to maneuver their way through the ropes course and learn new team building skills. From what I was told, everyone found that to be their favorite day out of the week. They really enjoyed getting out of the classroom to connect more with one another. Coming back to the classroom after the challenge course day I could sense more people opening up and being part of the group. Some of whom, were the ones sitting quietly, were now talking and even laughing. This is an obvious result of the team-building day. As a student myself,  I can relate to classes starting out quiet and a little uncomfortable, not knowing what to expect, but they then slowly move into a more relaxed environment as you become familiar with the subject as well as other students.

After getting feedback from some of the attendees, I would say most of them came to the boot camp to better equip their companies on what new lean practices they could learn,  as well as, what processes they could improve on in their companies too.  All of their expectations for the boot camp were fulfilled and everyone enjoyed the camp. Overall the training was well received giving extra kudos for the hands on exercises.  However, the challenge course was by far, the hit of the week!

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