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KASH box used for Promoting Employees

In a previous post, we mentioned the KASH box - Knowledge, Attitude, Skills & Habits - and how companies typically hire on Knowledge & Skills yet fire on Attitudes & Habits. Positive attitude and good habits of the employees are invariably the reason behind the performance of great companies. Successful organizations realize that it is the negative attitudes and wrong habits of the employees are mostly the reasons behind the failures and not lack of knowledge or skills.

Came across an blog that fit the KASH box model as related to the traits of highly promotable employees

"Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot , focuses on the employee's attitude. His reasoning is simple. Attitude informs action. Attitude informs behavior. Attitude is the driving force behind every achievement, every accomplishment, and every success. Attitude, where performance and therefore advancement is concerned, is everything. To Dharmesh, highly promotable employees:
1. Are humble, not arrogant.
2. Are servants, not self-serving.
3. Are optimistic, not pessimistic.
4. Think execution, not just planning.
5. Think forever, not one day.
6. Are volunteers, not draftees.
7. Are self-aware, not selfish.
8. Are adaptable, not rigid.
9. Are teachers, not truant officers."
Read more: 9 Sensational Traits of Highly Promotable Employees

The question becomes if these are traits that we desire for promotion, how can we effectively evaluate these characteristics earlier in a candidates career or even pre-hire?

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