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Lean Turnaround presents the premise that PRODUCTIVITY = WEALTH – Thus Lean improves VA activity and therefore creates wealth.  Art Byrne presents 3 management principles and 4 Lean fundamentals.

Principle 1 - Lean is the strategy

Improving the  Value Added  activities is the  foundational core of your strategy;  Focus on process not results,  better VA=new strategic options and Lean is a time based growth strategy

Principle 2 - Lead from the top

THE LEADER IS THE KEY;  People are resistant to change, lead by example, commit to becoming a lean expert and learn by doing

Principle 3 - Transform people

Lean/CI=CULTURE ; The only asset that appreciates is people, respect your people best ideas, create a learning environment and invert the organizational pyramid

4 Lean Fundamentals

 THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF YOUR TURNAROUND; Work to TAKT time, 1 piece flow standardized work and pull system

Remember -- “Hank-san If you don’t try something No knowledge will visit you”

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