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The TWI Institute presented a white paper on the relevancy of Training Within Industry in the healthcare field - Here is the summary and the article is attached. We at the Auburn Technical Assistance Center have been certified as by the TWI Institute as TWI instructors in Job Instruction, Job Methods and Job Relations

Executive Summary - There is a renaissance occurring in a tried and true method for training supervisors to relate to and instruct employees. Training Within Industry (TWI) is that method. It encompasses a number of pro-grams with a long history of effectiveness including Job Relations (JR), Job Instruction (JI), and Job Methods (JM). The J programs are designed to provide supervisors with proven methods for: solving problems with coworkers (JR); instructing employees in standard work (JI); and improving upon cur-rent standard work to improve results (JM). The TWI program is completely consistent with lean thinking and a critical element in the implementation of lean. This is especially true of implementing lean in healthcare. Since its early introduction TWI has been successfully implemented in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Nowhere is training in standard work more important than in healthcare. Examples, such as the work being carried out at the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, attest to this. The healthcare industry is entering an unprecedented period of change in which it will be asked to serve more people, with better quality care, more efficiently than ever before. The keys to success will be the elimination of wasteful practices (lean) and training to sustain process improvements. TWI can and should be considered as a strategic part of a comprehensive training pro-gram in any organization looking to increase effectiveness and efficiency.


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